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Chandelier Replacement Parts

Chandeliers create atmosphere and add beauty to your home. Being able to maintain your lighting is a concern of anyone who uses them. Chandelier and lighting oarts can become damaged or worn over time.

At Brooklyn Lamp Repair we have years of experience at repairing and restoring your cherished lighting fixtures. We have a large variety of chandelier parts and crystals, many older and vintage. We can restore your classic light to its original level of quality and beauty by adding newer components and replacing pieces of your lighting. Most parts on your chandelier can wind up waring down or breaking over time, whether it's the crystals or the brass connectors.

Here at Brooklyn Lamp Repair, we have an artisinal chandelier lighting designer with years of experience who can clean and repin all of your crystals, renewing the beauty and integrity of your light fixture. Crystals can come in a wide variety of styles and shapes and we have the equipment neccessary to replace the missing or damaged ones with identical or very similar pieces.

We also have a large selection of colored crystals if you decide to update your chandelier with a spark of color. Doing so coordinates the light fixture with the surrounding environment, creating an new and elegant atmosphere.

Crystal and brass chandelier arms can break or warp and bend. We can repair them, or get replacement parts to complete your light.

We also sell replacement candle covers, wax or poly resin in various shades. Chandelier chain, in various sizes and weights. new and vintage to compliment your chandelier. Sockets get worn, and wire frayed, we replace them all.  

Whether you need a small lighting part replaced or a whole chandelier refurbished, we can accommodate your needs and help you to dream of owning the perfect light for your home

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Stunning!!! Love the variety of the different types and generous amount of crystals. Very unique and the detail and finish of the chandelier itself is gorgeous!! ...

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