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Choosing The Right Crystal Chandelier

There is nothing more appealing than the brilliance of a gorgeous crystal chandelier when it's lit. Traditional and classic crystal chandeliers will never go out of fashion. These lovely lights are true testaments of poise and elegance. They add glamour to any residential space. Whether you are looking for new crystal chandelier, or looking to add a bit of glamour to your existing light by adding crystals, here are a few tips on choosing the crystals, or crystal chandeliers that are right for you.

At our shop we restore lights of all shapes and sized. At Brooklyn Lamp Repair, we have an on baord lighting designer with years of experience. She knows how to bedazzle any light with splashes of crystal. The first thing she asks is whether or not you want to add color to your chandelier. Adding touches of blue can set the mood for a sun room, pink can add the right amount of charm to a baby's nursery, and reds can add a bold statement or give a romantic flair to any room. There are many different types of crystals on the market for those who would like to go bold or remain neutral.

The most popular type of crystal being used today is the Swarvoski. Swarovski, a company from Austria, is a name synonymous with high quality crystal and available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Their crystals have great shine and luster and are available in different grades, from brilliant highest quality Strass to affordable Spectra. Many chandeliers on the market are adorned with these magnificent crystals.

Other crystal companys are Asfour, whose brilliant crystals originate from Egypt and have graced chandeliers for years. Bohemian crystals has long been a word synonymous quality and craftsmanship. Waterford have some of the most beautiful crystal in the world, to just name a few.

Popular Lighting companies are James R Moder, whose magnificent Maria Theresas and grand entry and multi room lighting have superior craftsmanship.

Schonbek Lighting has 140 years of experience crafting superior crystal chandeliers and lighting with unparalleled design versatility. From traditional Bagatelle chandeliers to contemporary Refrax pendants and ceiling fixtures, Schonbek radiates grace and elegance.

All of the company's above are just a sampling of a long list of fine lighting manufactures. With their elegant and stylish look, crystal chandeliers will always make a magnificent statement in any home interior. 


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Stunning!!! Love the variety of the different types and generous amount of crystals. Very unique and the detail and finish of the chandelier itself is gorgeous!! ...

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