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Cleaning Your Chandelier

We are a 3rd generation chandelier and lamp repair company. First established in the 1920's, our great grandfather passed down his knowledge, expertise and love of the trade. From the smallest chandeliers, lamps and lighting parts to grand scale,we are committed to serving you with a satisfaction guarantee.

Our team includes a passionate lighting technician who with over 30 years of experience rewiring, restoring and repairing vintage, antique and modern chandeliers to bring them back to their original beauty. Our services include cleaning your cherished lighting.

Cleaning each part of a crystal chandelier can be a very detail-oriented task. However, it is important to clean your chandelier yearly to maintain the light-reflective quality that makes it shine so brilliantly.

Our professional cleaners offer expert chandelier cleaning for both residential and commercial client. Every chandelier is cleaned in the most thorough, and meticulous manner. We disassemble each piece of crystal and clean the pieces by hand giving it a luster and shine that will last for months.

We clean all types of chandeliers, including fragile ones such as Schonbeck, Baccarat, Waterford, and Murano fixtures. We always come with the right equipment to make the job as safe, and efficient as possible. All parts of the chandelier are inspected and cleaned, including the frame, and all metal connectors are tightened, worn ones replaced. Our cleaning products do not stain or aid in the corrosion of metal fixtures.

Once we professionally clean your chandelier, you will want to maintain its beauty until the next visit.

Follow these simple guidelines.

-Always switch off the light switch that controls the power for your chandelier and wait until the light bulbs are cool to the touch.

-Place a tarp or heavy cloth and on the floor under your chandelier, to prevent any parts should they drop from breaking, and to absorb the fall.

-Should your chandelier be hanging from a high, hard to reach area, set up a tall ladder securely under the chandelier.

-Use a damp cloth, or commercial chandelier spray on a cotton cloth that is soft and clean. Wipe down each crystal and immediately dry with a separate dry cloth. Never use abrasive ammonia cleaners which can damage and erode the frame or brass connectors

With the right professional cleaning methods, and maintenance, your chandelier will last for years and be the shining jewel of your home! 

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Stunning!!! Love the variety of the different types and generous amount of crystals. Very unique and the detail and finish of the chandelier itself is gorgeous!! ...

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